Asset Evaluation

The first step in the process is to assess the needs of the client and perform our due diligence to appraise the business assets and evaluate its monetization potential.

Needs Assessment

The process begins with an initial phone conversation to understand the client’s needs and to gauge the scope of the project. The company may be looking for a total liquidation of all of its machinery and equipment, disposition of only surplus assets while continuing ongoing operations, or a complete turnkey offering to sell the facility in its entirety –  including real estate, potential contracts, and available workforce.

Asset List

Prior to a site visit, we will ask for an asset list, if one is available. If not, we will ask questions to get an idea of the type of assets that will require a valuation.

Site Visit

One of our experienced asset valuation specialists will visit your facility to prepare a complete list of assets and assess the value of the complete project. You can trust our reliable valuations, as we generate our assessments based on decades of experience in asset sales, with each valuation being adjusted appropriately for current market conditions. The asset evaluation process if free and non-committing.

Highlight Photos

During the site visit, we will take several photos of high-value assets, so when the decision is made to move forward with the project, we are prepared to publish the information on our website immediately and begin some preliminary marketing efforts

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