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Yogurt Processing, Cup and Ultra Clean Cup Filling Equipment

Yogurt Processing Equipment
Auction #209636

Fermentation Tanks, Processors, Crystallizers, Cup, Bulk & Bag Filling Lines, Packaging Lines, Pumps, Air Valves, Boilers & More

Ended Tue, Jun, 28th 11:00 AM US/Eastern

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Fermentation Tanks, Processors, Crystallizers

  • (2) 2017 Feldmeier 7,500 Gallon Crystallizer / Processor, Top-mount Sweep Scrape Agitation
  • 2017 Feldmeier 3,000 Gallon Crystallizer / Processor, Top-mount Sweep Scrape Agitation
  • Axiflow Progressive Cavity Pumps, Valves, Flow Meters, Etc
Ultraclean Cup Filling Line 1
  • Osgood Cup Filler, 2x6400, 2x6 Lane Ultraclean Filler, Model 2x6400 (L to R), S/N 332-932, up to 420-CPM, 3-6oz 95mm & 95 mm w/ Sidecar, 460V
  • Osgood Pick And Place Out Feed System, Vacuum Lifts Filled/Sealed Cups From Filler Lift Out Pedestals, Move Horizontally In A Single Axis Motion Places Them On A Conveyor Running Parallel
  • Heraeus Uv Disinfection System, Model Sp2062 Sx/2, Consists Of Uv Cassette, Media Box And Connectors, Uv Radiation Window Area Is 111 X 617 Mm, Made Of Quartz Glass, Equipped With Breakage Detector, Uv Cassette Contains (2) Uv Lamps (Doped Hg Low Pressure Lamps) With 180 W Electrical Input, Max Emission 253.7 Mm
  • Steris Hydrogen Peroxide Unit, Model M100abx, S/n 0227513-01, 230v
  • Dynamic Inline Mixer, Model Dm800, S/n 284081, Scrape Surface Heat Exchanger For Fruit Mixture, (3) Fristam 1.5″ Positive Displacement Pumps, Model Fkl25a1506728, 1.5 Hp, Gea 1″ Flow Meter, Model Promass 83 83s25, 480/60/3
*Cost Greater Than $1.2 Mm In 2014
Ultraclean Line 1 Packaging
  • 2014 Douglas 6-lane Caser, Model Axiom-1m, Included 6-lane Infeed Conveyor, 480/60/3
  • Spantech 9′ L X 18″ W Conveyor, Feeds Into Loma X-ray
  • Spantech 15” L X 12″ W Case Conveyor
  • Loma X-ray, Model Sx, Us-x5-600-54609f, 110/1
*Cost Greater Than $1.0 Mm In 2014

Ultraclean Line 3
  • 2014 Osgood Ultra Clean Rotary Filler, Model 1001-r, S/n 332-939, 5 Lb @ 30 Cpm And 10 Lb @ 15 Cpm, 148 And 221 Mm Containers
  • Steris Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer, Model M100abx, S/n 0232613-01
  • Fristam 2″ Centrifugal Pump, Model Fzx2150, 10 Hp, 1750 Rpm
  • Dynamic Inline Mixer, Model Dm800, S/n 286131, Scrape Surface Heat Exchanger For Fruit Mixture, (9) 2″ Gea Air Valves, Model Nl/eco-od2″/od2″-ez-0000000z-ecd-v0-13n/28/52/3a, (2) Gea 1.5″ Air Valves, Model Nl/eco-od1 1/2″/od1 1/2″-ez-0000000z-ebb-v0-13n/28/52/3a, (6) Gea 1″ Air Valves, Model Wk/eco-od1″/od1″-ea-0000000z-edd-v0-13j/28/52/3a, Fristam 1.5″ Positive Displacement Pump, Model Fkl15a1400980, Gea 1″ Flow Meter, Model Promass 83 83s25, S/n 713fczac
Ultraclean Line 3 Packaging
  • 4″ Tabletop Conveyor, Approx 25′ Long
  • Rotary Accumulation / Pack Off Table, 5.8 – 8.3 Speed, Gear Ratio 300-1, 3/8 Hp, Table Rpm Variable 0-6 Rpm, Motor Rating Continuous
  • Spantech 18″ Conveyor, Approx 10′ Long
  • 3m-matic Tape Case Sealer, Model 200a, Type 40800, S/n 51433, 120/60/1
  • Wexxar Bell250 S/s Tape Case Sealer, S/n 250ss-150313, 120/60/1
Sawvel Pail Filling Line 4
  • Sawvel Dual Station Pail Filling And Sealing Line, 1-5 Gallon Filler
  • Dynamic Inline Mixer, Model Dm800, Similar To Votator Style Scrape Surface Heat Exchanger For Fruit Mixture
  • Spantech 24′ L X 18″ W Conveyor
Modern Packaging Cup Filling Line 5
  • Modern Packaging Cup Filler, Model Sl 1 X 3, S/n Mp 482, Cup Set Product @ Approx. 90-99 Cpm, Vat Set Product @approx. 120 Cpm, 80 Mm
  • Dynamic Inline Mixer, Model Dm800, S/n289918, Scrape Surface Heat Exchanger For Fruit Mixture, Fristam 1.5″ Positive Displacement Pump, Model Fkl25a1506728, 1.5 Hp, Gea Flowmeter, Model Promass 83 83s25
Modern Filling Line 5 Packaging
  • Cozzoli Rotary Accumulation / Pack Off Table, S/n 1t42-574
  • Dairy Conveyor, Approx. 56′ L X 4″ W
  • Spantech 10′ X 12″ W Conveyor
  • West Rock Tray Former, Model 4410, S/n Tf19f2457
  • Eagle X-ray Model Pro 550, S/n E230001, 230/60/1
Holmatic Bulk Filling Line 6
  • Holmatic Pr 1s Filler, Model Pr-1-s, S/n 359130, 5 Lb Cups And 40 Oz Cups, 513 Mm And 502 Mm
  • Dairy Conveyor, Approx. 12′ L X 4″ W
Alfa Laval Aseptic Bag-in-box Filling Line
  • Alfa Laval Aseptic Bag In Box Filler, Capable Of 2-20 Liter Bags, Model Hs-la Filler, S/n 2017-168, S/s Liner Bag-in-box Filler, Servo Motor Controlled Filling Head
  • Sterilization Tunnel, For Sterilization Of Caps/spouts With Vaproized Hydrogen Peroxide, Flat Rigid Caps, Thermo And Non-thermo Resistent With High And Low Fitments
  • Bag Dropper / Boxer, Model Mtp00019, S/n 182-18
  • Wexxar Bel 270ss Box Sealer With Nordson Glue Pot
Pallet Wrappers
  • (3) Orion Pallet Wrappers
Axiflow Pumps And Air Valves
  • (6) Axiflow 20-HP Twin-screw Pumps, Model Sts-90-57
  • Approx. 200 Gea Air Valves

Clever Brooks Boilers
  • (2) Clever Brooks Steam Boilers, Model Cr 120-048-150st

Additional Equipment
  • Thiele Quart Caser, Model Pak Tek Caser, S/n Ec20a103, 120/60/1
  • Fanuc Pick And Place Robot, Model 73429
  • Swf Box Erector, Model Ce-451
  • Swf Box Erector, Model Ce-452
  • Ez-loader Palletization Station
  • Marchant Schmidt S/s Dust Collector
  • Videojet 1710 Date Coder
  • Videojet 1610 Date Coder
  • Video Jet 1510 Date Coder
  • Markem Imaje Dual Head Case/box Coder, Model 5800
  • New Air Curtain

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Location: 2000 Tech Center Dr., Monroeville, PA 15146



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