Machinery & Equipment Liquidation from Armor Glass Manufacturer Requiring Censoring of Highly-Classified Inventory & Information

Key Points
  • Four buildings at two locations required two setup teams simultaneously
  • Thousands of lot photos needed to be edited and blurred to hide potentially classified inventory and information
  • Performing setup for auction hindered by large sums of raw materials and fulfillment of committed inventory

The client, a major manufacturer of ballistic glass, advanced lighting and accessories, specialty vehicles and other products for the law enforcement, government agency, and municipal sectors, had engaged a liquidation team to monetize their non-proprietary machinery and equipment. The biggest challenge throughout this project was performing auction setup (and later removal) amongst a mine-field of highly-classified and confidential technology and information onsite. Due to the sensitivity of this material, 5000 lot photos had to be edited, cropped, and blurred out to hide proprietary technology and finished goods. Each of these photos had to be reviewed and approved by the client, causing significant delays in uploading the lot catalogs online. Furthermore, the company was still fulfilling its supplier obligations, as well as disposing of non-committed finished goods and inventory, while we were operating onsite. 

This company had two locations with four buildings (over 350,000 sq.ft.) in Saxonburg and Butler, Pennsylvania, requiring us to have two teams performing setup simultaneously. The catalog for the auctions was strategically broken down by specific asset classes targeting distinct markets: metalworking, glass processing, heat treat, and production support equipment. The complete sale included one live virtual auction (with auctioneer) and three timed auctions with nearly 1000 registered bidders from 13 different countries (Australia, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States).