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Lot #22

AFC-Holcroft Gas-Fired Roller Hearth Type Annealing Furnace


AFC-Holcroft Gas-Fired Roller Hearth Type Annealing Furnace, Job #CJ-4697 (New 1998), Size I.D.: 57”W x 315”L x 56”H, Max Temp: 1652°F (900°C), Heat/Hold Operating Temp: 1355°F (735°C), Control Cool Temp: 1355°F to 1238°F (735°C to 670°C), Heat Chamber: 2-Zone x 26’L, Cooling Chamber: 26’L, Designed Process Rate: 4000-Lbs per Hour, Utility Drops: Natural Gas – 5350 CFH @ 15 PSI; Nitrogen – 3500 CFH @ 40 PSI; Endo Gas – 1000 CFH @ 15" WC, Nitrogen & Endothermic Gas Atmosphere, Lining: Walls & Roof – Light Weight Fiber Refractory; Floor – Brick, 3/60/460V, with 23’L Charge & Discharge Tables, Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 1250 PLC, Honeywell Multitrend SX Multipoint Recorder, (2) Honeywell UDC Digital Over Temperature Controls, Gas Fired Radiant Tube Burners, (2) Circulation Fans in Heat Chamber (PAC-0100-1)