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Aida CFT-1200 1200-Ton 4-Stage Cold Forging Transfer Press


Aida CFT-1200 1200-Ton 4-Stage Cold Forging Transfer Press, S/N 6100-0045 (New 1998), Capacity: 1200-Ton (11760-kN), Capacity of Each Stage: 600-Ton (5880-kN), Stroke: 11.81" (300mm), Die Height: 30.31" (770mm), Slide Adjustment: 1.18" (30mm), Speed: 25-40 SPM, Bolster Area: 72.84" L-R x 35.43" F-B (1850mm x 900mm), Bolster Thickness: 10.8” (275mm), Slide Face Area: 70.87" L-R x 27.56" F-B (1800mm x 700mm), Floor to Top of Bolster: 23.6” (600mm), Number of Stages: 4; Distance Between Stages: 17.7” (450mm); Transfer Feed Stroke: 8.86” (225mm); Transfer Clamping Stroke: 8.86” (225mm), Slide Knockout Specifications (Pneumatic): 1st Stage – 29.4 kN (3-Ton); 2nd Stage – 19.6 kN (2-Ton); 3rd & 4th Stages – 98 kN (10-Ton Each); Stroke (All Stages): 100mm; Diameter of Knockout Pins (All Stages): 50mm, Bed Knockout (Mechanical): 588 kN (60-Ton) @ Total Stage; 3rd & 4th Stages – 294 kN (30-Ton Each); Stroke: 70mm; Diameter of Knockout Pins (3rd & 4th Stages): 70mm, Installed 3rd & 4th Stages; Capacity of Pin Lifter: 9.8 kN (1-Ton); Attachment of Pin Lifter – In Common w/ Bed Knockout Pin, Die Cushion (Pneumatic): 294 kN (30-Ton); Stroke: 100mm; Diameter of Cushion Pin: 50mm; Installed 1st Stage, Overall Dimensions (From GA Drawing): 293” L-R x 200” F-B x 378” H (Including Pit); Height Above Floor Line: 296”; Pit Depth: 83”, Total Weight: 420,000-Lbs (210-Ton), with w/ 2-Axis Transfer System, Die Change System, Helm Loadgard Control, (2) TSW (Aida) Programmable Timing Switches, Digital Die Height Indicator, 125-HP DC Main Motor, 3PH / 60HZ / 480V