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Lot #16

UBE AS-5-22.8-40-V 500-Ton Die Cast Machine (Rebuilt by DCP in 2016)


UBE AS-5-22.8-40-V 500-Ton Die Cast Machine, (WO# 14121; Rebuilt by DCP in 2016), Nomial Locking Force: 500-Ton, Distance Between Tie Bars: 26” x 26” (660mm x 660mm), Platen Dimensions: 42” x 42” (1070mm x 1070mm), Tie Bar Diameter: 5.5” (140mm), Pump Motor: 50-HP (460-Volt), Die Thickness: 12” – 32” (310mm to 810mm), Die Stroke: 22” (560mm), Shot Cylinder Stroke: 16.8” – 22.8”, Shot Cylinder: 5” Bore, 3.5” Rod, Shot Position: 7” (175mm), Ejection Cylinder: 6.7” Bore x 3.15” Rod; 4.1” Bore x 4.3” Rod, Initial Shot Cylinder Force (@ 1500-PSI: 14.5-Ton, Final (Intensified) Shot Cylinder Force (@ 4500-PSI): 44-Ton, Ejection Force: 24-Ton, with Schaefer Melt Furnace (S/N 7-1019-1148; New 2020; Asset #PDC-1865), Rimrock Ladler, (2) Motoman DX100 / MH50 CNC Spray & Extraction Robots, Neff Hydraulic Trim Press (S/N 12813), Shotblast, Donaldson Torit Mist Collector, Overall Dimensions: 28’6”L x 7’6”W x9’H; Weight (Dry): 22-Ton