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Farrel 22″ x 60″ 3-Roll Rubber Calender, S/N 3662


Farrel 22" x 60" 3-Roll Rubber Calender, S/N 3662, with (3) 22" x 60" Cored Chilled Iron Rolls with Rotary Unions, Adjustable Guides on Side Rails, Top & Bottom Roll Adjustment, Even Gearing Teeth, 22T x 22T x 22T, Frictioning Gearing Teeth, 32T x 22T x 32T, Wind Up & Let Off Chucks, Last Used: Goodrich Spare Calender Body, (No Gear, No Drive, No Motor), Mounted on Plate Base (LOCATED AT 7420 BETHEL RD, GOODLETSVILLE, TN 37072) – Basic Loading Cost: $600