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Lot #25

Ransohoff Leanveyor Stainless Steel High-Production 2-Stage Washer


Ransohoff Leanveyor Stainless Steel High-Production 2-Stage Washer, S/N 5810 (New 2017), Engineered & Built for High-Production, Work Opening: 2-3/4” Part Height, Conveyor Width: Dual 8” Belts, Thru Rate: 2400-Parts per Hour, per Lane, Conveyor Speed: 20-FPM, Wash Pump Motor: 3-HP Stainless Steel Gusher, Wash Pump Flow Rate: 100-GPM @ 70-PSI, Wash Tank: 580-Gallon. Wash Tank Heat: 160°F Electric Watlow, Stainless Steel Filtration: 50u Bag, Regenerative Blow-Off: 750-CFM @ 50”SP, Heated Blow-Off: 2000-CFM @ 8”SP Temperature 180°F, Insulation: 1” Thick, with Stainless Steel Tanks / Housing / Solution Piping, Wash, Regenerative Blow-Off, Heated Blow-Off, Allen Bradley PLC, Liquid Level Control, Electric Heat, Easy Access Doors, Safety Guards, Emergency Stop, 3-Phase / 480-Volt, Dimensions (Approx)” 22’9”L x 7’9”W