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Sakamura BPF-560UL 6-Station 5-Die Cold Former


Sakamura BPF-560 UL 6-Station 5-Die Cold Former, S/N NA, Heading Stage Number: 5-Stages (Cutting/Pusher Process Not Included), Nominal Pressure: 270,000-kgF (8MM Before Beating Point), Each Process (Max): 170,000-kgF, Continuous Work Energy: ABT. 16,00- kgM, Cutting Wire Diameter: 14.5 to 30mm (Material Tensile Strength: 55-kgF/mm² or Less), Cutting Load (Max): 32,000-kgF, Cutting Length: 20 to 200mm, Cutting System: Bush Cutter w/ Pusher Device, Cutting Speed: 0.63-M/Sec (@ 60-SPM), Stroke: 60-SPM (Note: Production Speed Decrease Rate 5% or Less; 50-SPM Pulley Attached), Knife Edge Size: 80 x 37(T)mm, Quill Size: 75 x 100(T)mm, Punch Size: 95.25 x 290(T)mm, Die Size: 139.7 x 300(T)mm, Die Center: 168mm, Die Block Thickness: 320mm, K.O. Amount: 30 to 210mm, K.O. Capacity (Max): 27,000-kgF, P.K.O. Amount: 110mm (Service: 130mm) – Individual Lever Type; 53mm (Service: 63mm), P.K.O. Capacity (Max): 13,500-kgF, Ram Stroke: 450mm, Main Motor: AC 90-kW(6P/480V/60HZ) TEFC Type, Multi-Plate Air Clutch, Air Consumption: 4.0/Jog, Air Pressure: 5-kgF/cm², Cartridge Open Spring Chuck Transfer System, Pumps: 1.5-kW (Coolant Oil); 0.75-kW (Lube Oil), Machine Weight (Approx): 73,000-kG