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Sakamura PF-3180 3-Die Slug Header


Sakamura PF-3180 3-Die Slug Header, (New 1998), Nominal Pressure: 8000-kN, Cutting Wire Diameter: 45mm (Material Tensile Strength: 500-N/mm² or less), Cutting Length: D/2-100, Cutting System: Bush cutter w/ Pusher Device, Knife Edge Size: 134.5mm Dia. x 44mm T, Coil Size: 130mm Dia. x 150mm Long, Punch Size: 130mm Dia. x 310mm Long, Die Sizes (Dia. x Length): 190mm x 300mm (#1); 220mmx300 (#2); 270mm x 300mm (#3), Core Distance: 276mm, Max P.K.O. Amount: 32mm (Actual 41.6mm), Max K.O. Amount: 100mm, Ram Stroke: 300mm, Speed: 45 – 65 SPM, Main Motor: 160-kW DC, Power Capacity: 240-KVA, Air Capacity (Jog): 6.0, Lube & Coolant Pump Capacities: 80, with Uncoiler & Straightener, Opeator Control Console, Dimensions (Approx): 5.0m x 8.9m x 3.1m; Weight: 150,000-kG