Project Execution

This is the fun part! Our experienced and dedicated team is ready to do what we do best – delivering the highest value for your assets.

Initial Setup & Cataloging

Our team of trained and experienced professionals will organize, write-up, photograph, and catalog all assets. The catalog is strategically organized for optimal results during the auction.‚Äč

The complete catalog will be uploaded to our website and select marketplaces as deemed appropriate for those asset types.


A comprehensive, industry-specific, and asset-targeted marketing plan will be prepared within the  proposed budget.

‚ÄčEach marketing plan is tailored to the project based on several factors we believe will produce the best outcome. When appropriate, we utilize various form of digital and traditional means of advertising, such as:

  • Email, Enewsletter & Banner Advertising – targeting subscribers of relevant trade journals or associations
  • Cost-per-click – Keyword targeted paid advertising campaigns on Google and LinkedIn
  • Social Media – Advertisements targeted to audiences that meet specified criteria for individuals most likely to be interested in the equipment available at the sale
  • Video – if possible, we will gather videos of high-value assets in operation to promote on our website and in digital marketing. If real estate will be part of the sale, we will hire a drone videographer to produce a high-definition video of the facility
  • Direct Mail – Depending on the audience we are wanting to reach, direct mail may be an ideal way to promote the sale.
  • Classified Listings – Select assets will be listed on buyer-trusted directories
  • Radio or Billboard ads – If we determine there will be strong interest for the sale locally, we will utilize radio or billboard advertising.


Removal of the assets will be completed in the agreed upon time frame by insured and industry-recognized rigging companies that we have contracted for the project.

Removal is supervised by our staff, to ensure proper care and prevent theft

Payment & Reconciliation

Our staff will be collecting payments from buyers after the sale is complete. Buyers are not permitted to remove assets prior to making a complete payment.

Once all payments have been collected, we will make final payment to you.