With over 30 years of industry experience in industrial valuation and acquisitions, I know how to find value in a company’s assets. As Executive Vice President at Hilco Industrial, I had the opportunity to serve clients such as General Motors, Rio Tinto, PSEG, Dow Chemical, Energy Alloys, and Theranos, to name a few.

Before joining Hilco, I also founded and acted as President and Principal of Vulkan Industries for 12 years, where I specialized in metalworking machinery sales. I have also served on the Board of Directors of the MDNA and as President of Machinery Information Systems.

I’m proud to work with my lifelong friend John Magnuson and the rest of the Integra Asset Solutions team, which is composed of a group of like-minded people who have worked side by side for many years at Hilco Industrial. Our goal is to provide solutions for our clients to monetize surplus assets, from complete manufacturing facilities to specific production lines, that are tailored to their specific needs.

As an extremely frequent flyer, you may find me in the airport, with a cup of coffee in one hand and a crumpled-up Wall Street Journal in the other. But on fall Saturdays, I’m usually at home in Birmingham, Alabama, with my wife Leigh and two daughters – all graduates of the University of Alabama – wearing crimson & white and chanting, “Roll Tide!”