Liquidation Best Practices

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  • Six Ways to Make the Liquidation Process as Seamless as Possible
    You probably never anticipated you’d be in a position where you would need to liquidate your assets.. You may be in need of cash to pay off some or all of your debt, you may want to monetize your unused, surplus, or underperforming assets, you may find that you need to close one or more of your business operations, or you have filed for bankruptcy and you are legally required to get fair market value for your assets to c…
  • How Long Does it Take to Complete a Liquidation of a Manufacturing Plant?
    Liquidation is a process of selling non-cash assets and turning them into cash. It can be done for a variety of reasons – insolvency, personal (such as owner retirement), or to divest non-essential business assets. Of course, if your business is considering liquidating its assets, one of the first questions you will likely ask yourself is how long does liquidation take? Every scenario is different and will have its o…
  • How to Tell Your Employees about Closing a Facility
    For better or for worse, thousands of businesses will choose to close down their facilities every week. Closing down can be a natural part of the business cycle—and it can often even be financially wise to do so. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who will be affected by this decision will be able to handle the news. As an employer, it is important to remember that your employees are more than just the people who help…

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