Our Story

Our Story

“Who’s Coming with Me?”

"Let me just say, as I ease out of the office that I helped build… I'm starting a new company and the fish are coming with me... If anybody else wants to come with me, this moment will be the moment of something real, and fun, and inspiring, in this god forsaken business, and we will do it together! Who's coming with me?" (Jerry McGuire).

Perhaps some people felt sorry for Jerry in his sad exit, but others, especially those who have lived through something similar, can see a brave act like that as an inspiring and pivotal moment in one’s life.

Only a few years ago, Integra was just an idea. Despite the relative comfort and expertise that we had gained while working at length for one of the industry’s most well-known firms, we realized it was time to take a chance and pave the way toward a new future. We leveraged our collective talents, belief in each other, and a boatload of courage to create something entirely new.

Pandemic Shutdown. What? Let’s Start a Business!

Starting a new company in the middle of an unprecedented global pandemic was certainly a risky (some would say crazy) decision. But at the same time, as many members of our team were beginning to reevaluate their lives, we saw that we had an opportunity to not only enrich our personal and professional lives, but also provide access to quality liquidation services to a regular mom and pop business that perhaps wouldn’t be considered by a larger liquidator.

Integra officially opened its doors for business in November 2020. Our mission was simple: we wanted to provide the best liquidation services available, services that would benefit all parties involved and help facilitate fairness, transparency, and an unabashed commitment to quality.

Do It. Do It Again, But Better. Repeat.

Instead of saying, “this is how it’s always been done”, we were asking, “how could we do things even better?” Instead of saying, “this is good enough”, we were asking, “how can we continue to innovate and evolve?”

We developed a dynamic and progressive strategy for machinery and equipment auctions that could not only be used by a small business owner seeking retirement, but also a large Fortune 500 company experiencing dramatic structural changes. We committed ourselves to learn about the unique needs of each of our clients and by applying a more personalized approach to each project, we started seeing measurably better outcomes.

Don’t Forget Your Founding Principles.

Our team has grown, our processes have evolved, our relationships have enriched, and we strive to reach new heights. We are confident that if we adhere to our founding principles—mutual respect, relentless innovation, attention to detail, and a commitment to ethics—we will continue to improve our clients’ experience and maximizing the value of their assets.

Your Assets Demand Maximum Value!

Integra Has the Solution.