Integra’s Success Stories

I would highly recommend Integra Asset Solutions for your liquidation requirements. Tim Pfister flew in to see me shortly after our conversation to assess my requirements. After agreeing on the contract, Tim was back to photograph and catalog the equipment to start the sales process. We had several delays due to contractual issues on the sale of the building but Integra accommodated all of my needs through these delays. Everything was planned perfectly and the auction was completed as scheduled. Once the auction was closed, Integra was in house and executed the final purchases, coordinated all of the pick-ups, helped with clean-ups, and even completed negotiations for extra auxiliary equipment on my behalf.

Bill Peffly, Team Amity

Integra was suggested by an OEM to help liquidate some of our older fabrication equipment to make room for new. They did not disappoint. Very professional organization that did not try to oversell their services. They made the process simple and were easy to work with. Good communication and completed the project on our timeline. Thank you and I hope we can work together again.

Darren Korneman, Team Lead

We were very fortunate to have worked with Integra Asset Solutions. Throughout the entire process, Integra’s team was respectful, professional and available. We reached our target and funds were released almost immediately. I highly recommend them; the experience was painless and profitable.

Phyllis Como, Owner

This was the first time our company had went through an auction and the Integra team made all steps seamless. They handled every aspect, were knowledgeable, worked with our timeline which had to be adjusted by us, and the profit we made was more than expected. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Christine Hanselman, MAHLE Industries, Incorporated

Everything went smoothly and everything was completed as agreed. It was great working with your company on this.

Arron Cagle, U.S. Stove

We recently did a transaction with them. We had no issues. Payment was timely and in accordance with the agreement. They were good to work with and did what they said they were going to do

David Lauer, President & CFO, NOG, Inc.

As our company planned to close out our manufacturing facility, we solicited the experience and help of Integra to sell our machinery. John and the entire Integra team were easy to work with. They continually provided real-time and relevant industry insight and kept us updated on the activity and interest in our machines. Their professionalism and support during tough conversations about lowering pricing below our goals, while striving to provide realistic targets for us to pursue, was appreciated. Overall, we had a very positive experience with the Integra team.

Jamie R. Harding, Chief Financial Officer

I would like to take this opportunity to provide honest and forthcoming feedback back to John Magnuson, and the entire Integra Asset Solutions Team. Our facility is primarily an aircraft interior industry manufacturing facility in North Texas. We are in the process of restructuring our indoor footprint, and in that process we had several pieces of fabrication equipment that we no longer were in need of possessing. John and his team were very instrumental in working with us from the beginning of the project. In that process we were able to come up with an action plan including brainstorming and execution efforts. That really made the equipment liquidation process go smoother than what we really expected was going to happen. During the entire process, Integra was always open to suggestions and they were readily available if we had any questions or concerns that came to the surface while all of the steps were being executed. Once again, I would highly recommend John and the entire Integra Team for the great service they provided during this challenging and process changing event.

Shane Lewis, Maintenance and Special Projects Supervisor

John Magnuson and his boots on the ground team, did an exceptional job with repurposing and remarketing aerospace machinery and equipment from one of the leading U.S. Defense & Space manufacturing companies whose origin dates to 1952. His managerial professionalism and thoroughness with meeting an inflexible timeline and fixed budget were quite astonishing and one that was beyond our upper management’s expectations. After executing three separate auctions, and selling thousands of assets, the 346,000 square foot manufacturing facility was literally left in “turnkey” leasable condition upon John and his teams’ departure. Without apprehension, I would highly recommend John and his team with any sizable industrial consolidation and/or liquidation undertaking.

Jeffery Wall, Specialist Engineer & Director of Facility Decommissioning

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