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Auction #210347

Bayou Wasco Insulation, LLC

Available For Immediate Sale This opportunity includes (2) Complete Insulation Systems to Produce Extruded and Injection Molded Subsea Pipe Insulation…

Ended Mon, Jul, 11th 10:00 AM CST6CDT
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Auction #211908

Late-Model Steel Processing Equipment

2019 Simec Fully-Automatic Saw & Deburring Machine, 2015 Lissmac Plate Grinding & Deslagging Machines, 2007 Messer Oxy-Fuel CNC Cutting System

Ended Tue, Apr, 19th 12:00 PM Canada/Eastern
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Auction #205417

Hardware Resources

Sanding/Finishing Machines, Clamping Systems, Tenoning & Boring/Mortising Machines, Table Saw, Shaping Equipment, Tooling & Accessories

Ended Thu, Feb, 10th 12:00 PM CST6CDT
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Auction #205977

Complete Closure of Pristine, State-of-the-Art, High-Precision CNC Machining & Rapid Prototyping Facility (Day 2) Plethora Corporation

CNC Machining, 100s of Lots of Quality Assurance Equipment, Work Holding, Tooling, Accessories, IT Equipment, Office Furniture & More

Ended Thu, Feb, 10th 11:00 AM US/Eastern
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