Dormant & Idle Equipment Stored Outside Hauled for Cleaning & Auction Staging Indoors

Key Points
  • Facility had been closed for an extended period of time with idle equipment stored outside
  • Team hauled equipment from shipping containers stored outside for cleaning and auction staging inside the building
  • Liquidation efforts exceeded revenue projections

Integra was engaged to assist with the liquidation of a facility that was shut down for several months. The company provided fabrication activities, such as structural, mechanical, specialized piping, and supports. The facility had two buildings and an outdoor storage yard. When the company was operational, dozens of roll-off trailers and shipping containers storing job site tools and support equipment were used to transport equipment to specific job sites. The open-air storage yard contained steel, weldments, fixtures, and rolling stock.

The biggest challenge for our team was to consolidate all the assets from both buildings, as well as the outdoor support equipment, and stage them indoors. A great deal of time and dedication was spent cleaning the equipment and presenting it in a saleable way for auction. Due to these committed cleaning and staging efforts, Integra was able to monetize not only the equipment, but also the shipping containers, roll-off trailers, and cranes that were used to assist in moving the equipment inside the facility. Because we were able to present all of these assets in a marketable way, the auction exceeded initial revenue projections.