CNC Machines

26 Apr: Leading CNC Machining & Fabrication Company (Kopco Inc.)

CNC Tube Laser BLM LT8.20 4-kW Fiber (New 2019), 27’ Infeed, 21’ Outfeed, Active Scan & Weld, Less Than 500-Hours CNC Vertical Machining Centers Mazak Nexus 700E-11 (New 2012), 80” x 27.5” Table, CT 50, Probing Fadal VMC-6030HT (New 2006), 21-Position ATC Fadal VMC-6030HT (New 1998), 4-Axis, 30-Position ATC Fadal VMC-15XT (New 2005), 21-Position ATC…

29 Dec: Tri-Power Manufacturing

CNC Horizontal Machining Centers, Machine Tools & Fabricating Equipment, Huge Quantity of Tool Holders & Tooling, Quality Assurance, and Support Equipment