Navigating Logistical Complexities: A Successful Facility Liquidation of GT Technologies

Key Points
  • Liquidation of select group of assets from one facility in the continuing operations of GT Technologies
  • The project was spread over a six-month timeline, consisting of a multi-phase sale strategy comprising a private treaty process and two separate auction events
  • The strategic setup of asset photography and write-ups and careful coordination with rigging teams to optimize efficiency ensured the availability of assets for staging
Countries Participated
Total Lots
Sale Days
Execution Days

In the face of a challenging project, our team embarked on a complex facility liquidation for a GT Technologies, a global company that was shutting down one of its sites. GT Technologies designs, develops and manufactures a complete line of valvetrain components and systems, precision machining, and stamping components for a wide variety of customers and applications. The assignment involved the relocation of select machinery and equipment to other operating facilities, while the remainder was earmarked for liquidation.


Our first hurdle arose during the staging process as the machinery and equipment were in constant motion due to the rigging teams’ activities. Moreover, with the company continuing production onsite, navigating the ever-changing landscape was akin to a juggling act.

One of the most significant challenges emerged when individuals started entering the site and removing items that were already sold. This presented an additional layer of complexity as it affected our inventory and staging efforts. Nevertheless, our team remained undeterred and steadfastly focused on the task at hand.


Overcoming these logistical nuances required meticulous planning, impeccable coordination, and efficient execution. The project was spread over a six-month timeline, consisting of a multi-phase sale strategy comprising a private treaty process and two separate auction events. This timeline was non-negotiable, adding pressure to deliver on time.

In the face of these challenges, our team showcased exceptional adaptability and resourcefulness. We strategically scheduled asset photography and write-ups, carefully coordinating with rigging teams to optimize efficiency and ensure the availability of assets for staging. Effective communication channels were established to keep everyone informed of the dynamic situation.


The successful outcome of the project can be attributed to the dedication and perseverance of our team. Despite the chaos surrounding the facility, we were able to capture, document, and stage all assets efficiently, facilitating a seamless transition between the different phases of the sale process.

The multi-phase approach allowed us to cater to different types of buyers, resulting in optimal returns for the client. Despite the uncertainties and challenges, our team’s tenacity and strategic approach enabled us to navigate the logistical complexities and deliver a successful liquidation outcome, leaving the client with a sense of closure and satisfaction during this critical phase of their business operations.